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Reading, Massachusetts USA (where?)

Keukenhof Garden,
The Netherlands
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[Family tree 家譜][Takachiho Incident高千穗丸-1943, 自由時報][BK_Tsan曾文謙, Flower 英華memorial]
[Gabriella][Angelina Mei][Ayumi&Philip's wedding][Elena&Austin wedding,
Anniversary][Chens in Kaohsiung]Lucy's calendar]
[Baker-Liu 2009][Philip w Stars, "samurai" Indian dress][Austin
New Lawyers  engagemn't][Bestman speech for Dave&Kim]
Mei-Ching's home town in Kaohsiong][Cousins in Taipei][Thanksgiving][AndyLiu][Sarah 1-yr-old][Zachary]                                   M
Good Times Roll: [Thanksgiving 2010, 2004, 2005][FormosaLane in Maine][Pot-Luck in Reading][OneSunday in Concord][Chens0802]
[MC's BP 2007][in Japan][Liu's Taiwan trip][SuperBowl Party][
HolidayParty@Lius][HKfriends][@Schepis][w Huas][Harvey's 70]
[Young Taiwanese in Boston][UConnFriends, Chiens, contact][good neighbors][
成大CKU Y2K][成功中1961 pictures+]

Tzeng's Trips

[ 2023 Japan 3-Generation Trip] 2022 Vienna Austria] 2019 Northern Italy] [2019 British Isles] [2019 TAIWAN trip]
[2018 Pacific Crossing & Japan] [2017 Lisbon -> Miami] [2017 Norwegian coast & middle Rhine Germany]
[2016 Rio -> Buenos Aires] [2015 44-day, Barcelona-to-Singapore, Photo Album]
[2014 Eastern Europe] [2014 Barcelona-to-Paris] [2013 JAPAN] [2012 Tuscany & Med Cruise]
[2011: springtime in Holland/Belgium] ['10 Panama] [2009 Spain-Portugal] [2009 Canadian Rockies]
[2009 Sicily]
[2008 GREECE] [LA 2008] [2004 Russia & Scandinavia] [2001 Switzerland & France] [2000 Austria/Italy]
[Philip/Ayumi in Europe] [Tamsui_Beitou 淡水 北投] [02 Taipei&SF] [Taroko 太魯閣] [Vegas by ES]

Google Albums: 2012 Europe 1(Tuscany & Rome) and 2(Med cruise) photos only


Happy Traveling

  [台灣 map][Taiwan by train寶島之星][觀光台灣 美食觀光][Going to Taipei][高雄市公車][Travelzine][TravelSmith]
永康街][Taiwan on TV][HomeExcahnge][Grand Canyon Skywalk][鐵道便當][][VIP travel -"cheap"][Yosemite]
[Taiwan][Taipei - NY Mag][
日本人遊台北][Bird Watching-Eva]["森情寫意"][愛琴海][winter in Boston][Tour of Fenway Park]

Here & There:

['95 Lexus][大稻埕 Old TaipeiCity&stories][Pictures@Yosemite-DChen][wood carving木雕工藝][Mei's bread maker review]
[Boston'09 Fireworks][
十大名錶][reduce global warming!][TaiwanCalendar+Zodiac+Holidays][Official US Time][大甲媽祖]

Health Care

[MedLine+][11 Health myth][Tetanus][Piriformis Syndrome][Ways to get tireless][Healthy Habbits][Health News]
[realistic weight loss][Know your numbers][vaccine for Shingles][Dental signs][Medical Guesswork][Asprin reduces deaths]

拒絕洗腎 藥別亂吃][Preventing Alzheimer][Breathing&Hypertension][Successful Aging][Aching Spines][Potbellies]
[improve memory][Keep wt off][Spot a stroke][Ministokes][
[Do statins (Lipitor+) work?][4 tips on lowering cholestrol][fats & cholesterol][Stents.vs.drugs][Prostate facts][Vitamins]

Foods & Diet

[菜脯蛋][Caffeine myths&facts][enough protein?][foods for heart][10 ways to stick to your diet][Anti aging diet]
[40 Best Foods(pdf)][vegetarian diet][fat free diet][Protein diet][eat less][10 best foods]
[fortune cookies Japanese?][Fats good.vs.bad][Good&Bad fish][whole-wheat pasta][coffee good?]
醬油 Soy Sauce][dried fruits][Tree nuts 堅果][Fish for Health 多吃魚][Recipe for long life][foods for healthy skin]
[Milk story] [Are eggs good for you?][Superfood][Fruit juices][Fast food calories counter][ways to cut calories][
烹飪影片 食譜][台北牛肉麵][Lobsters][Sushi][Splenda vs. sugar][Recipe collection][胡椒餅][各類食譜,湯羹類][客家料理]



Take a Break!

[WikiLeaks@Taiwan][English Word of The Day][onlineExercise][SUDOKU][game:Too Drunk? 醉了嗎?]
夢五十冬][黃文雄的父母親][ (Eng)][台灣史 望春風][Read "Formosa Betrayed"][Smart bird][Diamonds]
[like puzzles?][
放煙火][三國演義網上版-Romance of 3 Kingdoms][photo formats][BlackJack Strategies, OtherWay]
[brain games]["Out of Africa"]
[探討宗教信仰, 天堂? 靈魂? Darwin][illusions+][Play Fireworks][Journey of Butterflies]
兔賽跑][][thunderstorm protection][What to do with your NEW PC?]
News Clippings:
MSN news video
[USB 3.0 FAQ][Grandparenting][Phoenix on Mars][Boston in 100 years][BlueRay or HD DVD?][water found on Saturn moon]

Arts & Ent.

[榮峰畫頁][Mozart K448][detect fake Van Gogh][Poussin: Arcadian visions][Celine Dion's final at Caesars]
[MovieBoxOffice][today's movies]
[Boston-MFA][play famous violins][Kyoto 18th Century][Pavarotti]

baseball scores

[Yani Tseng 曾亞妮][UConn PERFECT again][Phelps' 8 Golds]["No-No" for Sox Lefty][Fenway Park view]
[Baseball 2010 payroll][Gyroball
魔球][DaveRoberts' steal][pitching 101][TWN ProBaseball][台灣棒球史]


2003 NCAA Women Basketball Champion
2014 NCAA Champ
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2002 SuperBowl Champ
Pursuit of Perfection

GO SOX!  All the Tzengs are die hard Sox fans
2013 World Champ
once more!


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