click here to watch YouTube video posted June 5, 2013

Gabriella  8.16.2012

June 2012 First Dance Recital

Christmas Eve in Hanover  (ACT's phope)

Apple picking at Honey Pot Hill in Stow Massachusetts, Oct. 2011

Ready to leave home for first day of  pre school    Sept. 2011

preschool note  Sept. 2011

Good writing style, Gabby!

Thankyou card for their birthday party guests (writing on their driveway)

Angelina in Reading , April 2011

Gourmet muffins for Ama's BD

Gabby in Reading w Ama,    April 2011

Happy Gabby, almost 6-month-old   2/17/2011

Little sister is fast growing!            11/8/2010

to Blue Hill Reservation w Ama and Agong for beautiful Autumn Scenery  October 2010

with 4 Grandparents

Family at Honey Top Hill Farm for apple picking      Oct. 2010

My sister is 3-day-old,  (click  photo or here to view YouTube video)

2nd birthday celebration in Braintree home

After her 1st haircut ......     click here to view funny haircut YouTube video

8/3/2010  (from Flip video)                             

6/8/10 Flying Kite etc.

 took a test


Is she a serious driver?   May 2010

on the farm in Hingham  May 2010


at Ziftigs in Brookline for Mother's Day breakfast.   May, 2010


"Cooking with a Star"   4/2010

4/27/10 in Hanover

Fun with A-Gong's iPod Touch   Feb. 2010

hand crafted Valentine card received 2/9/10


"Did I do anything bad, Mom?"   10/29/09

October 20, 2009  with Agong & Ama

Oct. 11, 2009  outside of my home

This pretty girl is one-year-old!


after a bountiful dinner for AMT's birthday celebration  8/23/09  Watch YouTube video, click here


9/29/09 Blue Hill Reservation, Weymouth MacD

8/15/09  A day with Jodi, Michael, and Sarah


8/15/09  with Jodi, Michael, and Sarah at Sunset Park in Braintree

Vacation in Cape Cod beach

8/4/09 Working Hard - watering the plants

Morning Walk with Dad -  7/14/09


Susan and Ken from Tennessee saw Angelina for the first time - 6/27/09

Thanks to Grand-Aunt & Uncle for the red-envelope gift

Where is your foot, nose ....... TOUCHDOWN!!

testing the water with Mom - 1st time in a pool  June 2009

enjoy the cooooool water ....  June 2009

with Uncle Phil early in the morning  June 2009


  "Show Me!"   6/16/09

make sure to eat one at a time

Afternoon Walk .....  5/12/09

Red Sox ROOKIE fan  ........  fun with A-Gong's cap

Crawling  5/5/09


Happily standing on her feet! (5/1/09)


One Warm Spring Day in Massachusetts