Visiting Taipei & San Francisco - June, 2001

Taipei VT&Tsans01.jpg (57437 bytes)
Had a delicious meal at a nearby Japanese Restaurant 
with sis-in-law Flower, Edward, You-lin & Mei-ling

Taipei CrownePlaza.jpg (78070 bytes)
Vincent's "home away from home" in Taipei for so many times

Taipei Street.jpg (91043 bytes)
Bustling Taipei evening traffics: Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza is a block away on the left

taipei night st sm.jpg (85917 bytes)
Early evening at the entrance of "night market"

Taipe_oyster dish.jpg (31676 bytes)
This is still Vincent's favorite.

At TennMax, Inc. June 2001

TMT Shareholder dinner.jpg (72407 bytes)

TMT TL&VT dinner04a.jpg (33822 bytes)

TMT Thomas' Steak.jpg (56126 bytes)
Thomas' bloody steak

TMT Shareholder dinner Annie.jpg (61333 bytes)
"刀光劍影  dao guang jian yin" in front of Ms. Chou - at 鬦牛士 Dou Nyu Shi restaurant in 内湖 Nei-hu

TMT_RL_MW_AC_&H.jpg (71517 bytes)
4 hard workers at TennMax: Ruby, Michael, Annie, Betty

in San Francisco - stopped over on the way back to Boston

SF Pyramid3.jpg (68545 bytes)
TransAmerica Tower in SF

SF Pyramid-frog.jpg (98153 bytes)
Frog Pond by the Tower

SF Pyramid band2.jpg (107166 bytes)
Lunch time free Jazz concert by the Tower

SF fm Apt12.jpg (75960 bytes)
View from Mr. Chen's 4th floor luxury apartment complex next to Candlestick Park

SF_Chen's PickupTruck_a.jpg (85458 bytes)
Mr. Chen's Toyota pickup truck

SF_CChen in office2.jpg (61676 bytes)
GM at work - How old is that typewriter in the back?

SF_office5_VT.jpg (64092 bytes)
First floor lobby of the office building

SF_H&VT.jpg (71203 bytes)

SF_JPN dish1.jpg (76009 bytes)
The Chief (a Taiwanese) used to work for Japan Consulate in SF

Pictures by Vincent Tzeng