Lo brothers, CC & Andy, from Hong Kong
weekend visit to the Boston area - June, 2002

CC, a.k.a. Johnny, of TennMax HK touring Walden Pond in Concord, MA

"Looks Good!" said CC - in a seafood restaurant in Boston Chinatown

2nd dish from the same King Crab

two dishes form this King Crab

Old friend Phil Sousa joins us for two wonderful dinners

Minuteman Statue Captain Parker in Lexington Green - "The Birth Place of American Liberty" April 19, 1775

CC & Andy read about American Revolution History

A monument for the British soldiers who died in the battle of Concord/Lexington

Hi! from Vincent at the North Bridge in Concord, MA

On his arrival in Reading, MA, CC presents the famous Hong Kong chocolate to Mei-Ching 

The great Hong Kong cook Andy at work with Mei-Ching's new BBQ grill!
We also have many Maine lobsters for the dinner.


a couple months later ......

A surprise package from Hong Kong in time for the Autumn "Moon" Festival

A beautifully packaged moon cakes and they are delicious too!

"7 Stars rounding the bright Moon"   Thanks to Ranly for arranging this special gift!


Here are few more CC's pictures from Shanghai and Wuxi (Nov. 02)

Pictures by Vincent Tzeng  June 2002