Breathtaking Marble Gorge
  Taroko National Park - Hualien Taiwan 

January 6, 2003
(initially posted 2/4/03)  updated on 2/8/03

Two walking trips were arranged by Formosa Regent Hotel in Tian-hsiang
They arranged drop-off at the entrance and pick-up at the end for each route.


This much of the sky you can see in the gorge.
view the steep cliff MPEG movie (1.3 Mb) here 
(Hint: This is a large file, finish download then play it back entirely)


"Nine-curve" tunnel - no motor car,  tourist on foot only
(takes apprx. 50 min. easy walking to go through the route)


It is a good size tunnel, was for two-way traffic, now only for walking tour.

Marble roof, marble wall, marble floor, marbles everywhere!

view a MPEG movie (1.3 Mb) here 


There are many trails in this mountain area. We picked an easy one for a morning walk.

On an ancient trail 
took approx. 45 min. to go through the trail 
(with walk through tunnel, span bridge, woods, and, of course, wonderful scenic view)

A pitch dark tunnel is just ahead. Mei hesitates to go on.

Wild poinsettia along the trail                                                                      On a small span bridge


At the high point of the trail                                                      Story of this ancient trail

A view on the trail      亂石崩雲

Scene at the end of the trail    彎彎溪水 流青

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