Beautiful Angelina's First Day


Angelina means "little angel".





Proud Parents


Good girl in Mom's arms


Eyes are opened!




A-Ma is honored finding her name in the Grand daughter's


Happy Grandpa looking on


She has a very good heart!


I am a Grandma now!


Excited to be the newest A-Gong and A-Ma


Both Grandpas were there early


Grandpas and Uncle Vinny


Vinny and Sandy are the first Aunt and Uncle to see her.


First group of visitors at the hospital


messages received  from friends and relatives .....

“.... Now we know that you were both having great time anxiously watching the beautiful baby, the most enjoyable passing time for grandpa and grandma.  That's our utmost envy since we still don't have in-laws let alone grand children.   Our congratulations to the proud and very satisfied grand parents.”   HW & MW
祝賀 Elena and Austin 弄瓦誌慶 ,迎接家中新成員的來臨,享受含飴弄孫之樂。  恭喜!!恭喜!!
恭喜你升級為阿公及阿baby 很可愛,希望長大一點可以回來台灣給大家 "Look Look"!    LML
"Congratulation for your newly arrived granddaughter!  Trust everything else is fine as well."
   SH & CH
"Congratulations on becoming grandparents. It must be a super feeling. Little Angelina Mei is a very lucky girl to have two great people like you as grandparents. We are so happy for you and extend our congratulations to Elena and Austin."   PF & KF
 "恭喜  A-GONG  A-MA! "   CL
"Congratulations!!  :)  :)"   ST

"恭喜!恭喜! 無須多說,看你們心滿意足的樣子, 便知當這麼健康可愛的孫女的阿公、阿嬤有多幸福、多快樂!   祝福  闔家平安"

  FW & KW
She's so adorable!!  Welcome to the grandparents club,  I think it is the best club in the WORLD!!
Mei-Ching's name fits beautifully with Angelina!”
   MH & JH
How nice and beautiful is your whole family!  We are happy and thank you for sharing the cheerful atmosphere and pretty photos with all of us.”  AL & CL
Congratulation!  Angelina is such a beautiful and mature baby. I have no advice for you both, except enjoying every moment with her, because she is going to grow very fast.”  PFY
"Congratulation to your promotions to A-Ma and A-Gong statuses!  I am waiting for my promotion patiently.  SL
Happy Grand Parents! Congratulations!  Angelina is so cute, just like an angel. I can see that both families are so happy to see her arrival. Congratulations again!   YC
"Angelina is absolutely cute. She is going to bring you a lot of joy and happiness. We are so happy for you.”   JY & JY
"Vincent…or should I say Grandpa Vincent…congratulations!"    AL
"Congratulations Vincent and Mei-Ching!  Beautiful pictures of Angelina and the happy family. Hope Mom and baby are doing well. And hope you'll enjoy many years of spoiling your granddaughter!"   RAR
"Big congratulations!  Exciting news and good-looking baby (and parents and grandparents, of course)!"   DT
"Congratulations, now you are upgraded to grandparents.  Mei-Ching should be proud that her name is Angelina's middle name.  Angelina is really lovely and pretty (I like the first picture especially)."   MK
“Congratulation to become A-kong and A-ma. It is so nice to see your photo series that both sides of the little bay's families had gathered together to welcome her to the world.  All of us, the pot-luck uncles and aunts, are also whole heartily welcome Angelina Mei as well.”   CC & AC
“Congratulations!”   PH & SH
”Thank you for sharing the picture, she is a beautiful baby.“   AL & DL
“Congratulations for becoming grandparents!  From the pictures, Angelina is beautiful.  It will be natural, you do not really need to learn how to "spoil" a grandchild.”   TL

Congratulations! You are both young Grandpa  & Grandma.”

  SC & SC
Congratulations.   One tip: We have been "hau tzu 孝子" ( Taiwanese) so long. Do not become "hau sun 孝孫" (Taiwanese).”
  SL & KL
"Congratulations on becoming A-Ma and A-Gong! Angelina is so beautiful and precious! (And very tall, too)"   JL & LL