"New" 222K-mile Lexus ES300

Jeff and Julie transferred their sentimental and still beautiful old ES300 to us in July, 2009.
They have owned this classic since 1995 and kept a complete service records through the years.

Jeff took us to their house in the Cape to pick up the car.


For $1 (a BK jr. Whopper), we are grateful to owning this classic as our 2nd automobile for day-to-day use.

A promise to the Yehs that we'll take good care this special car as long as we can.

The challenging  objective is to reach 250K miles on the odometer someday, Jeff feels it can go 300K!

After initial service work done in Reading, MA, this Lexus runs very smoothly and impressively well!

Stand by for future update as the mileage piles up on this car -   Vincent  August, 2009