A Day Excursion in Northern Taiwan  Jan. 10, 2003
Yeliu, Jinsan, Tamshui, Guandu, and dinner in Taipei

In the morning, Polong & his son David, with David's brand new Cambry, picked us up at the hotel in Taipei. We went through Keelung and rode along the seashore to Yeliu for lunch.  After the lunch, we visited Ju Ming's Art Museum (朱銘) in the mountains, and Glass Arts Museum in Guantu 關渡. We also stopped by the newly established Fishman's Seaside Park 漁人碼頭  in Tamshui. We then rushed back to Taipei, through heavy evening traffics,  to attend a dinner with several Vincent's cousins.

(The only  poem ever attempted by Vincent - 2/14/03)


Restaurant in Yeliu
"The Queen"

Delicious Seafood Lunch in Ye-Liu 野柳

 Mei-Ching, David (Polong's son), Po-long (Vincent's best cousin), and Fu-Mei's brother

* We had more than 8 dishes for this lunch
* All the materials, including lobster, oyster, sea bass, etc. were all fresh

Its' the first time we tasted fresh golden needle vegetable 金針菜 (a delicacy)

Steamy dish of "nine-hole shell" clams 九孔 with special nuts 破菩子
and a steamed bass dish in the back


Classic Taiwanese Cuisine Banquet 
with Vincent's cousins and their families in Taipei


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