2002 Holiday Party at Lius' home in Newton, MA

Andy sets the rules for "Yankee Gift Swap"

"Who has the #1 ticket?"

"I got the first gift"

"Which # do you have?"

"I swapped mine for thess nice bowls"

Brenda is still working! .... There are so much tasty food already.

Now, Kira is the center of the attention

Mei is thinking to swap for that good one just been taken

Bill is patiently waiting for his turn

"This is exactly what I want!"  .....  Really?

Tina is happy with her pick

Erik likes his Lego set a lot!

"I got the best one!" Erik showing off to his friend

"Umm, what is this for?"

"Aha!"  ...   "Let me see."

Finally, Ruth's number comes up!

"Here! Here! I still want to swap!"


A great  pary to kick of f
the  holiday season

Thanks to the Lius!

Happy  Holidays Everyone!


Pictures taken and arranged by Vincent 12.15.02