7/8/23, Day 6, leaving Kanazawa for Kyoto

Hotel Nikko Kanazawa's buffet breakfast.

On the lower right are small bowls of Kamo Nanban Soba which guests add green onions and broth into the bowls themselves.
Kamo (鴨)= duck.
Nanban (南蛮) refers to a territory in southern China that was less developed and less civilized.
Soba = buckwheat noodle.
Kamo Nanban Soba is a soup noodle with duck meat and green onion.

Two kinds of grilled fish.

There were also Mediterranean seafood stew, salads, cold cuts, pastries, fruits etc.

Help-Yourself beverages of many kinds, both hot and cold,
as well as several flavors of ice cream.

The seating area of the buffet breakfast at the Hotel Nikko Kanazawa.

(Here we arrived in Kyoto and checked into our hotel rooms.)
551 Horai (蓬莱) is a popular Chinese restaurant in Osaka famous for its meat buns,
gyoza, shumai, leaf-wrapped rice etc.
This branch in the Porta Mall (basement level of Kyoto Station) is a take-away only.
MC bought some gyoza and meat buns for an afternoon snack.

Only 6 went to the unagi dinner.
Elena was not a fan of eels,
and there was nothing else she could choose from the menu, so she canceled.

Gabby also canceled to accompany her mom to dine elsewhere.

cold sake

Philip and Ayumi each ordered one of these, 一本うな重, one whole specially selected eel.
The eels were freshly grilled onsite in the kitchen.

VT and Austin each ordered one of these, ひつまぶし (Hitsu mabushi), which is a representative dish of Nagoya cuisine.
You may eat it 3 ways - as is, add condiments, or enjoy it as an ochazuke (お茶漬け, 茶泡飯).
Austin ate 1/3 as ochazuke and said it was very good because the "tea" was really a broth with a tasty flavor.

Angelina and MC each ordered one of these.
The menu said it came with 3 pieces of eel from 3 different parts of an eel and a side dish of sashimi.
The 7 slices of ice-cold sashimi were REALLY good, but the grilled eel was excellent too, soft and plump.

Our dinner bill for 6.
29,520 JPY showed up on our credit card statement as USD $208.
Good quality grilled eel comes with a premium, even in Japan.