7/7/23, Day 5, to Kanazawa - sushi, chaya, castle

One family got up brightly early to walk the grounds of the Sensoji temple and take more pictures before leaving town.

This is the north face of Hozomon Gate (宝蔵門), the 2nd gate leading to Sensoji's main hall(正殿).

On the Shinkansen train to Kanazawa.

We took the eastern exit off Kanazawa station where the Drum Gate is.
Our hotel, Hotel Nikko Kanazawa, is this tall building seen across the street.
(Our rooms were on the 19th floor.)

The hotel has a very elegant lobby.

Hotel lobby.

Waiting in the queue at the Mori Mori Sushi on the 6th floor of the Forus Building.
At 2 pm, the lunch crowd had already dispersed, so we did not wait long to be seated.

We were divided into 2 tables of 4 each.
The girls & Elena and MC shared a table.
Salmon nigiri, grilled Noto beef nigiri, grilled eel nigiri, Toyama bay shrimp tempura, maki rolls, fish soup with miso etc.,
as well as the delicious dessert of warabi mochi coated in roasted soybean powder and drizzled with syrup.

The two people closest to the flat screen placed orders on the touchpad for everyone.
The food was delivered to our table on a miniature train (except for the soup, which was delivered by a human.)
After all was done, our table consumed about 21 plates of food.

The 4 people on the other table had more adventurous tasting buds.
They ordered raw shrimps, ...

... raw squid, ...

... Uni, tuna, fatty tuna, salmon, fatty salmon, giant shrimps, ikura (salmon roe) etc., ...
Austin commented that the salmon was so good that it just melted in his mouth.

Taking a photo of the empty plates on their table.

The lunch bill came to 27,630 JPY for a total of 60 plates.
At USD $1=144 JPY, it showed up on our credit card statement as USD $192.
A very good value and everybody enjoyed the excellent quality of Mori Mori's sushi.

A poster outside Mori Mori's window showed that
party platters like these can be ordered too.

There were many restaurants located on the 6th floor of the Forus Building.
This is the window display from a Chinese restaurant nearby Mori Mori.
(These are plastic models that look so real.)

After alighting the Right Loop bus at Hashiba-cho (橋場町), we were walking along a tranquil river to Higashi Chaya.

This is a well-preserved street in Higashi Chaya and often appears on tourist brochures.

Gyokusen-inmaru Garden (玉泉-院丸 庭園), part of the castle ground, as seen on our way uphill to see the castle from outside.
(Elena took this photo. It is as superb as the picture shown on this Japan-guide web page .)