7/3/23, Day 1, Arrival in Tokyo

Skytree and pagoda view from our hotel room on the 11th floor.
(You may select the room views when booking your hotel room.
Room rates varied based on the room size and views you selected.)

Dinner at Chin-ya sukiyaki restaurant with Sakae's family visiting from Sweden.
The 12 of us were divided into 3 tables.

We shared a table with A & G.

Each table has a kimono-clad waitress to help cook the food.

On the 10-min walk back to our hotel, we passed this 木馬亭 (Mokubatei),
one of the historical theaters remaining in Asakusa and still being used today.

Entrance to the main hall (正殿) of Sensoji temple (浅草寺), the oldest temple in Tokyo.

The Five-Storied Pagoda (浅草寺 五重塔).

Hoppy Street, a street lined with outdoor izakayas just steps from our hotel.

Beautiful views from our hotel's 5th floor terrace.