5/27/2019, Cobh

Our ship docked right in Cobh town, by the train station.
The day was overcast and windy, with occasional shower.

All the people from our ship walked on shore with jackets and rain gear.
The spiral is the St. Colman's Cathedral, usually known as Cobh Cathedral.

But our tour guide wore a sleeveless white top.
She must be used to this kind of windy and cloudy weather.

The former "White Star Line" Ticket Office,
which now houses "The Titanic Experience" museum
where visitors can step back in time and follow in the footsteps of the Titanic passengers
when they entered through this building to start the embarking process.

(Photo from internet)
This photograph was taken by Father Browne some time after the tragic sinking of Titanic.
It depicts a scene of passengers at the back of the White Star Line office building.
It gives us an idea of what the scene was like on 11th April 1912 when 123 passengers
assembled in a similar fashion to await the tenders that would transfer them
a short distance to the Titanic.
Father Browne sailed on the Titanic from Southampton UK to Cobh Ireland, and got off at Cobh.
The many photos Father Browne took while on the ship became a very important surviving
documentation of the people and life on the Titanic.

Sweets in a shop. Ireland's currency is EURO.

Statue of Annie Moore and her brothers.
She was the first new arrival ever processed at Ellis Island in New York,
when the immigration facility opened its doors on New Year’s Day, 1892.
Annie Moore settled in the Lower East Side of New York.