10/15/2018, Yokohama

Yokohama skyline as seen from our ship.

The cruise terminal (with green grass on top) and beyond.

Inside the ship-shaped cruise terminal.

Taxi from Yokohama cruise terminal to Yokohama station.
The fare was 1600 Yen.

Our taxi passed this Silk Center.
Vincent was sure the structure on top of the Silk Center is the Silk Hotel
where he stayed 50 years ago waiting to board SS Caroline to sail to the USA.

We needed to go to the "JR East Travel Services" to get our rail pass.
I had a Yokohama train station map on iPhone and knew the travel service
was on the 2nd floor of the station.
This kind gentleman actually walked us all the way to the Travel Services.

The Travel Services did not open until 10 am (we knew that too),
so we had to kill time at this crowded donuts shop across the concourse.

Finally, the Travel Services opened its door, and we were the first one in.

We purchased two JR East Nagano-Niigata Area Pass,
which was good for any 5 days within a 14-day period.
You must show your passport, because
only foreigners on a short-term visit were eligible to buy this pass.
The pass had 5 slots. Every new day you used it, the train station staff would stamp
a date on one of the open slots.

Reserved seats on a (Wide-View) LTD. EXP Super Azusa from Hachioji to Matsumoto.
(From Yokohama to Hachioji was a local train, no seats reservation was necessary,
we could just hop on the train with a valid train pass.)

The frequent Yokohama Line, a commuter train from Yokohama to Hachioji.

At Hachioji station we had time to buy an Eki-Ben (train station lunch box) before changing to a Super Azusa Limited Express.
We did not take a photo of the Super Azusa, but it was spacious and similar to this (Wide-View) Shinano.

Our hotel ahead on the right, the Dormy Inn Matsumoto,
which was about 5-min walk from Matsumoto train station.