Day_8, Day Trip to Albi

This TER train (local train) took us to Albi.

Inside the TER train. Very bright and modern.

We followed a sequence of streets to walk to Lautrec's museum. (15 minutes total.)

A pretty green with fountain.

This was Sunday morning.
The streets were quite deserted.

The museum was closed between 12 noon to 2pm,
but we knew that ahead of time.

Across the square from the museum is this building with shops and restaurants.
We went to the restaurant with two pink open umbrellas in front of its door.

La Barbie is the restaurant's name.
It was doing very good business for a rainy Sunday.

Salad with warm duck gizzard.
It was very good, the gizzard was very tender.
We would have ordered this dish again while in France but did not
see it anywhere but in Languedoc region.

Vincent's seafood soup.
It was not the bouillabaisse as he had hoped when he ordered it.

Mei-Ching's cassoulet, after she had already stirred it.
It looked different from yesterday's, and she also liked yesterday's flavor better.

Now we could go into the museum. 

A portrait of Henri Toulouse-Lautrec.
No photography in the museum, so we did not have any to show.
But if you click on his wikipage link, you could see some of his art work.

The museum has a manicured garden.

From the garden you can see a beautiful old bridge over the Tarn river.