Day_14, Paris

Today was finally sunny and blue sky.
From our hotel room balcony we could see the towers of Saint Sulpice church.
St. Sulpice is the 2nd largest church in Paris, just behind Notre-Dame Cathedra.

The ornate Alexandre III bridge spans the Seine river.

Four gilt-bronze statues watch over the bridge.

Close-up of a statue. Each of these four famous statues has its own name.

Close-up of another statue.

Les Invalides, on the left bank of the Alexandre III bridge.
Les Invalides is a complex containing an Army museum and Napoleon's tomb.

On the right bank of the bridge are Grand Palais and Petit Palais.
Both were built for the 1900 Universal Expo and now serve as museums.

The grand Champs-Elysees Avenue ....

... and its wide sidewalks.

A Disney store with storm-troopers.

Arc de Triomphe, which marks the start of the Champs-Elysees Avenue.

Eiffel Tower.

We purchased some Belgium chocolates to bring home to our granddaughters.

Saint-Sulpice church.
Two-minute walk from our hotel but we did not go inside.

On such a fine day, street musicians were out performing.
This troupe were performing on Rue de Buci, just outside the PAUL bakery. 

A lovely old street named Cours du Commerce Saint-André
running between Rue Saint-Andre des Arts and Blvd Saint-Germain.
With un-even cobblestone and old store-front, it felt like time-travel back to 18th century.
A restaurant named Le Procope is on this street, and supposedly, Benjamin Franklin
dined there often when he was US ambassador to France.

We purchased crepes from this man twice.
We liked it better when it was a little bit crispy on the outside.