Day_11, Da Vinci's chateau

A shop in Amboise town center specializing in many flavors of butter cookies.
They setup trays for sampling, we had quite a few. All were very good.

Place Michel Debre in Amboise's downtown lined with restaurants and shops.
Chez Bruno was just opposite the tower on the right hand side of the picture.

Chez Bruno,
a restaurant recommended by both Madame Sylvie and our van-driver Cecilia.

Inside Chez Bruno. This was one of their dining rooms.

Today's Lunch special, written on chalkboard and in French only.
Choose any two courses for €13, choose three courses for €16.
(The waitress did not explain that to us, but we knew that.)
Vincent chose a 3-course lunch.

Mei-Ching's a la carte "Duck Breast with Armagnac Sauce", €16.
The duck was very tender and the sauce very flavorful.
Amagnac is a distinctive brandy produced in southwest of France.

Vincent's choice of main plate turned out to be a potato casserole.
A mistake, but you cannot win them all.

However, Vincent's dessert was a winner.

Da Vinci's Clos Lucé (House of Light).
This was the ticket line. Notice many children visiting this place.

The house was a 10-min walk from Amboise town center.

The door where visitors entered the house.

The Great Hall where Da Vinci received his visitors, including King Francois I.

Da Vinci's invention of a bicycle and an automobile.

His invention of a swinging bridge.

His invention of a paddle boat.

From the terrace of the house one can see the steeple of Chateau d'Amboise,
King Francois I's residence.

His invention of a helicopter.

His invention of a military tank.

Back at Place Michel Depre in Amboise town center ....

... we saw a part of the sidewalk cordoned off
encircling this man with a small flying machine.

This flying machine was equipped with a camera.

The man set off the flying machine to take aerial photos of Chateau d'Amboise.

Back on the ground, this Amorino is a very popular gelateria chain.
We saw Amorino in Barcelona, in Amboise, and later in Paris.

We bought a medium-sized cone in a cup.
You pay by the size of the cone. Then you may choose as many flavors as you want.
The middle dark yellow was Amorino's pistachio, it was the best of the 3 flavors we selected.