Day 7, Cruising Day Photo on the Ship

Our cabin. We paid extra $ for a cabin with such a picture window.
All rooms are of the same size -160 square feet, and they are all outside cabins.
How does one sleep on such a narrow yellow couch?
No, they were not our beds.
Our beds were folded up inside the cabinets above the yellow couches.

A view from our cabin.
Our cabin were on the starboard side of the ship, that's ship-speaking for "right side".

The hall way outside our cabin.

Staircase to the reception area.

Our receptionist, she is from Indonesia.
She wanted to see Europe, so she joined a GCT ship to cruise for 10 months out of a year.
On shore excursions, crews took turns to go on a bus with us for sight-seeing.
There were a total of 32 crew members on this ship.

The ship's lounge.

The ship's small library. 

Coffee area where one may make coffee/tea/cocoa all day.

A public computer for share if you did not bring your own wireless device.

A visit to the ship's kitchen.
The man in top hat is the chef, he has worked for GCT for 8 years.

The kitchen staff consisted of 8 people.
It is an international staff, and they all worked every hard to
whip up delicious meals day after day.

The lunch menu, on April 10th, 2011.

Sometimes it is hard to tell whether we were on a river or on a canal.

a flapping flag.

We saw other ships and boats.

Enjoying a lazy day under sunshine with water-front views.

Many people enjoyed reading in the lounge.