Day 4, Hoorn

 Hoorn's defense tower.

A canal with boats.

A house built for a sea captain?

Buildings with "step" gables.
A few days later in Ghent, a local guide pointed out 3 kinds of gable, said that
"step" gables were the lest expensive in terms of building cost.
Notice each building has an extended arm with hooks sticking out near the top of its gable.
It is used for hooking ropes to hoist goods or furniture up to higher floors.

Hoorn's old town square, surrounded by many ornate buildings.

A decorative golden unicorn on the building's facade.

More decorative facade. 

A building used to house retired nuns.

A flying Dutchman?

Some buildings were built tilting slightly forward on purpose,
so that furniture or goods could be hoisted up by ropes to upper floors without the risk
of damaging glass windows on the lower floors.

Close up of a building tilting forward.

A commercial street with a 3-story building slightly tilting forward.

A modern bakery.

A residential street.

A folklore dance entertainment in the evening at the ship's lounge.
Dutch women are very tall, aren't they?